Not A Typical Teenager: 2014

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Build Up

I love Christmas. Christmas is a time to spend with family and to enjoy being together. Personally I think that the build up is the best part because there's lots of excitement around and town is so busy because everyone is preparing for one of the best days of the year. Of course many children look forward to Christmas because of the promise of presents and gifts. That's the issue with Christmas these days: it's become heavily commercialised and very materialistic.

This is a massive issue. No matter what you buy children, they will always want more. Nothing you give them will ever satisfy their craving. They want everything, even the thing that they won't use and will just sit on their floor all year until eventually they agree to put part with them and something in pristine condition that has never been used ends up on eBay or in a local charity shop. (I'm not saying that it's a bad thing that things are given to local charity shops, but parents get frustrated that all that money was spent on something that hasn't even been used).

The issue is only going to get worse. Companies are going to bring out new toys and kids are going to want them. Parents feel like they have to buy for their kids because everyone else is buying for their kids and they do not want their kids to feel left out or to have less than all of the other kids.

I just think we need to teach children to appreciate what they already have and what they are given. 

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Future

So in the UK, when you reach year 11, you can either choose to stay on for sixth form or go on to a job or an apprenticeship. I am going to choose to pursue further education in a sixth form. However, last year, the sixth form in my school shut down and a college for sixth form opened up instead.

This is a big deal as I wanted to stay in school for sixth form. Now I have to pick whether or not I want to attend the college or go to another sixth form. The college is brand new and got gorgeous new facilities for music and science.

But, to be honest, at the minute I am leaning towards a school.

The sixth form results from the college were released for the first year in August, and they werein the most part good: except for maths, and thats what I want to do. I think a school environment is a far better place to learn at a sixth form level than in a college where anyone could be say next to you in your classes.

Anyway, it's a new experienc and an exciting one

Stay Un-typical

Ashleigh xxx

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dismissal of Everything

As a teenager, I have kind of become used to being constantly dismissed. About a lot of things, but one thing has got to me recently.

So, I have a boyfriend. We haven't been together for absolutely ages. In fact, it's only now coming up to 3 months, but before we got together we were friends for about a year and a half. When we were just friends people would say "you can't be close friends with a boy. You may aswell get together.", and now that we have actually gotten together, people have been saying that it's "just young love" and that I should be preparing myself for my first heartbreak (mostly adults saying this)

I'm sorry, does my relationship bother you? Is it any of your business? No? Then it shouldn't matterto you. Just because we are young doesn't make this relationship any less serious than if we were 20 or 30 or 80. Being young doesn't change feelings. Saying that I'm to young to have a strong feeling is a ridiculous excuse. If I have the capacity to hate people, surely I have the capacity to love people too. Isn't love just the exact opposite of a feeling of hate. That's how it's always described to us as kids. That if you dislike someone enough you can call it a feeling of hate and if you like someone enough, you can call it a feeling of love.

Obviously I do believe that you can feel different kinds of love e.g. love for family, love for a friend and romantic love. These are all just different types of the same feeling and I am perfectly capable of feeling all of them.

I began going out with my boyfriend just under 3 months ago, and things are actually going really well. He's really sweet and cute. He is absolutely fantastic and we have been through a lot together (mostly before we started seeing). He is always there for me and we can have a laugh. Would I say this is love? Well, if normal teenagers can't feel love, then I'd say I'm not a typical teenager (please excuse the cheese).

Stay un-typical

Ashleigh xxx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I attend my local orchestra every week, and I really enjoy being able to play music with other musicians in my local area. It's a fantastic experience and I would never give it up.
However, in areas near by, free music lessons are being abolished to save the governments money. Well, this is not the way to do it.

I have free violin lessons in school and am currently at a grade 5 standard due to the fact that my teacher was ill all of the time, through no fault of her own, and was in for roughly 5 lessons over a 2 year period, but still that doesn't matter to me. The fact that I can play an instrument is fantastic and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

However, nobody likes practising scales in their room on their own. As a musician, I like to play music with others. To make music with others. It changes how you feel about all types of music (I know that sounds really really snobby but it's true). It is just fantastic, and it is a way to make new friends.

If they stop free music lessons in the one area and it saves the government money, they will do it in other places and before long, there will be no-one to play the classical orchestra instruments like violins, trumpets etc. And it will be the government complaining in 15 years time that there is no-one doing GCSE music who plays these instruments, and it will be their fault.

And once the lessons go, they will never come back.

Stay un-typical

Ashleigh xxx

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Losing A Friend

When we are younger, we are bombarded by the media with programmes on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon with stories about best friends who have been friends for years and how they deal with life stresses like school family and boys (this is me relating to programmes I watched like Hannah Montana, iCarly etc. which mainly involve teenage girls as main characters).

These programmes all look at how they deal with dating boys and talking to their crushes, and the break ups. How there is usually a sob fest which involves films like The Notebook and tonnes of cookie dough ice cream when a break-up occurs. Most importantly they show the best friend is there for them to help them through it. You never see a break-up between friends. So how do you deal with it?

Recently, I have began to drift from one of my closest friends. We have been best friends for years and I have stuck with her like she has stuck with me through all of the difficulties in life (or as many as there upto the age of 15), but since we have started to drift I don't really know what to do about it. The person I would usually talk to about all of this is the person I am drifting from, and I am really struggling.

I guess what makes it worse than anything else is seeing that she doesn't need me anymore. She is perfectly happy with her new 'best friend' and I really don't know what I am supposed to do when I see her happy with her. There was no massive arguement between us. Nothing really dramatic happened, we just drifted. She now walks home with this other girl and doesn't really come out with us anymore. It's really weird. I miss her.

I just want things to go back to the way the were before we drifted. When she could tell me anything rather than going to her new best friend with her problems. She doesn't tell me any of them anymore. We have found different friends and that's all that has happened. Maybe I should be watching The Notebook and eating cookie dough ice cream for this break up too, because it hurts 10x more than any other break up.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

Monday, 17 November 2014

Anti-Bullying Week 2014 - Bystanding

So every year an anti-bullying week takes place in November time ish, and every year in school we have an assembly on it. Today was the assembly for Anti-Bullying Week 2014 in my school. Now before I start, I just want to say that I do not think bullying is right by any stretch of the imagination but here is what I have an issue with.

The assembly started in the same way as always, "you should not bully" and the teacher talked about all of the different forms of bullying eg verbal, physical, cyber etc. and told us what to do if we saw someone being bullied. That is not where the issue lies. Here it is:

He then said that if you stand back and watch someone being bullied then you're a bully yourself and you are just as evil. Now I agree with this statement to an extent as if there is someone being called horrible things and is clearly being bullied then someone should intervene, but it's not always that clear. defines bullying as:
An unhappy teen boy walks away from bullying girls. "unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems."
To me, this says that bullying is always aggressive. But I think bullying is a little bit more complicated than that.
Bullying is difficult to define because different people react to things in different ways and see things in different lights. Someone sensitive might see a mild comment as bullying, whereas someone who is less sensitive might see it as playful conversation
All in all, I think its wrong to say that the bystander is as responsible, because people have different tolerance levels. What do you think? Let me know on twitter @_Not_typical_

Stay Un-typical
Ashleigh xxx

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Everyone is afraid of something or other. Getting over it shouldn't be that difficult should it?
It doesn't matter what the fear is is. Spiders. Dogs. The dark. Whatever. It really doesn't matter. I know this because I have spoken to a lot of my friends recently about being scared. I didn't think I had a real fear. Everyone had told me about their fears but I had just assumed that I had none. I was always telling my friends to stand up to them and get over it. I didn't understand what the issue was.

That was until I was offered to go on a trip which was 8 nights and an amazing oppurtunity to go on a boat to France. This sounded amazing, and I accepted. However, later that day I realized that I would be away from home for 8 nights. 8 NIGHTS!!!! I couldn't do that. I couldn't. That was when I realized that I do have a fear. I can't sleep away from home.

I then said that I couldn't go on this trip as I'm not ready to get over my fear.

Everyone is afraid of something or other. Getting over it shouldn't be that difficult should it?

It really is, and no-one can force you to get over it. You have to be ready. Be proud of your fear.

Stay un-typical
Ashleigh xxx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

First Days

This week is the first week back in school for most pupils across the UK. Not the most exciting thing ever when your starting the final year of your GCSE's. I can tell you this because at this moment in time, I am sat in a classroom which contains, none of my closest friends. I am by myself while the rest of my friends enjoy PE or something else. Not very exciting. However, this may not be a bad thing. It could be an oppurtunity to make friends.
I guesswhat I'm saying is that sometimeswecan be taken out of comfort zones, and theresnot much we can do but embrace it. Try and make the best of a bad situation.
Stay un-typical
Ashleigh xxx

Thursday, 21 August 2014


So for many individuals, today is the day for results. GCSE results. Many would have awoken this morning dreading the journey to school and finding out how they had done in exams they had sat 3 months ago.

I was one of these individuals.

I stayed in bed for as long as I possibly could this morning before I knew I had to get up. My Facebook had been bombarded with good lucks and comments on how nervous people were for their results.

Now most people have had their results there are mixed feelings. People are either relieved or stressed for next year due to the fact that they will have to resit. there are ways to deal with bad results. and here's how:

Accept the results
You cannot blame the examiner for your result. You cannot say the examiner was to harsh because it changes nothing. the sooner you accept your results, the sooner you can prepare for next year.

Accept resits
If you have had results that you're not happy with, you will probably be considering the possibility of resits. Do not look at this as a bad thing. Look at it as a way to change what you have already done and change your grade. They are there to help you. To rescue you.

Finally, Enjoy the rest of your summer
Yes, bad results can be a downer, but there's still just over a week left of your holidays. So fit in as much relaxing as you possibly can before you have to knuckle down so you aren't in the same position next year.

I hope you have all had fantastic results, or results that you can be proud of. I am chuffed with my results and will be bouncing of the walls for the rest of the holidays. Stay un-typical and make sure to follow me on twitter @_Not_typical_ xxx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

5 Inspirational Female Book Characters

Many people enjoy reading, and many of us do it from a young age. I read throughout primary school and I still read now. Over the years there have been many book characters that I have looked up to, as I'm sure many other women have. These are, I think, my favourites.

Clary Fray

The reason I love Clary is because she adapts well. She is thrown into an entirely new world and she adapts very quickly to her new surroundings and quickly meets interesting people and (sort of) makes some new friends. (Mortal Instruments series)

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is a good role model because, even though she kills a few people, she loves her family. That sounds really stupid. Clary loved her family to didn't she? Yes, Clary loved her mother. But Katniss works hard to hunt for food for her family. She practically looks after her sister for a period of time like her mother should. She cares so much about her family she volunteered for her sister in the Hunger Games! That girl cares. (Hunger Games Trilogy)

Tris Prior

Tris Prior is the first jumper. Very admirable. For all of you who have read/seen divergent, Tris goes from abnegation to dauntless. This is a massive jump between factions. Tris, being from abnegation, has been brought up to be selfless. She goes to dauntless, the most violent of the factions. I guess what I love about Tris is her up-for-anything attitude to life. She is just fantastic. (Divergent series)

Hazel Grace Lancaster

DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ/SEEN THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!! Hazel Grace. What can I say. I just love her. She is fab.  Hazel Grace falls in love with Augustus Waters. He is so kind and charming. *goes to sob quietly in corner*. Hazel lets Augustus help her live her life despite her illness. She even goes to Amsterdam with him!! Such a cute story, you know, until the feels kick in. (TFIOS)

Hermione Granger

I would say that, for me, Hermione is the most inspirational female character of them all. She is smart and a fighter. She taught that being smart is OK. and that it's a quality you can be proud of. She also taught that just because you are book smart does not mean that you cannot be a fighter. She is truly inspirational. I think that Emma Watson did a fantastic job portraying her.

There you are un-typicals. These are my top 5. who are yours? xxx
Images from here, here, here, here and here

Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer tag

Recently my friend Bethan tagged me in her post when she did her summer tag,. So now i have to answer a whole bunch of questions. Here we go:

1) What is your favourite thing about summer?
I love being off school and being able to go out with all of my friends to the beach, for coffee at costa etc. I love how calm everything gets and the fact I can read or play piano constantly.

2) Do you have a favourite summer drink?
An after eight milkshake. I drink them all year but i love them most in the summer. They are absolutely gorgeous.

3)  Is there a location you like to go each summer?
Usually I will go caravaning with my cousin and grandparents. Its so lovely. We don't tend to go to a specific location, we take the caravan to a few places. So i think just the caravan.

4)  Favourite makeup look for the summer?
No makeup. Maybe a little mascara.

5)  Dresses or skirts?
Dresses, definetly. Although shorts are preferred, dresses are nicer and comfier than skirts in my opinion.

6) Sandals or ballet pumps?
This is not an option, but my converse are my favourite. I do not own a pair of sandals or ballet pumps.

7) Do you prefer to wear your hair up for the summer?
It doesn't really bother me. I like to wear my hair both ways. I mostly wear it down and curly.

8)  Deep smoky eyes or bold lips?
I don't really wear make up, but i suppose i would choose bold lips

9) What perfume are you wearing this summer?
I looooove the red apple by DKNY.

10) Last but not least, favourite music for the summer?
This summer I know I will be listening to a lot of Avril Lavigne and Ellie Goulding. I love the contrast  between the 2 artists.

Thanks for  reading un-typicals xxx

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Controlling frizzy hair

So far, my summer bucket list is still full. With preparations under way, I expect to have a few completed by this time next week. Hope my un-typicals follow and have taken inspiration from my list xxx

As a girl with naturally curly/frizzy hair, I know exactly what it feels like to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and want to cry. these are good in the summer as well as they stop the humidity. I have tried many different things but only 2 have actually worked. I would highly recommend both:
V05 smoothly does it
This cost me about £3.85 and its fantastic. Gives me ringlets. Here's how to use:

1) Wash your hair and towel dry it

2) Put about a plum sized bit of mousse in you hands

3) Flip your hair over your head and scrunch it in (do not brush you hair after this point)

4) Leave to dry naturally (if you are going to bed, put your hair in a high ponytail to preserve the curls

Its simple really !!
Frizz ease dream curls
Roughly £6 in price and creates looser curls

1) Wash hair and towel dry

2) Spray on hair liberally (so a lot. Make sure its not to high up to your scalp with this one as its more watery. Try to go 2 inches from your scalp. Make sure ends are sprayed).

3)  Scrunch your hair so the spray is in all of your hair

4) leave to dry naturally

These are my 2 favourite hair care products as a victim of curly hair. I hope some of you un-typicals give them a try xxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Music stereotyping

As a teenager, there is lots of stereotyping done among different friendship groups about different things.  Music is definitely one of those things. People define who you are as a person just because of what you listen to. This is completely inaccurate, and here is why

1) 'Screamo' does not mean emo

I have heard many people say that music that involves screaming is emo music. For starters, emo is not a thing. Calling someone emo does not define who they are because no knows what it means. There is a general understanding but the word is interpreted in different ways. Secondly, some of the happiest people I know listen to this music and that bliws peoples minds. However, it is true.

2) 'Pop' is not a certain kind of music

Many people refuse to listen to music because it has been in the charts and is now classed as pop music. However, in 2013, fall out boy reached number 2 I the chart which means it is pop. (Pop is short for popular). Pop is not a type. It is chart music.

3) Respect other people

You might not like their music but you shouldn't tell them their music is bad. No music is bad, its just not your favorite kind. If they ask you to listen, be polite and try it. However, don't let them force their music upon you.

Overall, just be yourself and don't let others tell you what you listen to is bad
 That is just their opinion xxx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

6 Reasons why 'Twilight' is not all good


Recently, I read an article ( and it has totally changed my views on Twilight.
Here is a summary of why:

1) Bella starts as a selfless person

Bella leaves her mother and her step-father to live with her father so that her mother and step-father can have some space and she helps her father with chores.

2) Bella starts out as an independent young woman

She does her school work, makes some friends. Everything is going fine.

3) Then she meets Edward (this is where it goes downhill)

I always thought that this was a good thing as she had found found a romantic interest and he is desired by every girl in the school. This is a good thing right? WRONG!!!!! He follows her on trips with her friends and removes parts from her car so she cannot go and see Jacob. She becomes very dependant on him. She is part of an abusive relationship.

4) Then he leaves

In New Moon. Edward leaves Bella because he thinks he is bad for her. She struggles without him and does some pretty reckless stuff (e.g. ride motorbikes, cliff jump). Not good.

5) The pregnancy

After wrecking her independent life. Edward proceeds to impregnate Bella. The foetus almost kills her and during labour Edward injects her with venom. When she becomes a vampire she is no longer Bella, but a shell of her.

6) And the worst part? There are thousands of girls who love Edward

There are literally thousands of teenage girls who have fallen head over heels for Edward and his abusive behaviour because not many people realise how abusive it is. He ruins her life and many girls still love him

So thank you for changing my opinion. I hope this has changed yours un-typicals xxx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Bucket List

So, basically, I read yesterday in the library about summer bucket lists and I have decided to do one for myself and my friends. This is what we came up with:

1) fly a kite

2) make crepes

3) go swimming

4) picnic

5) no technology day

6) tie-dye

7) make a new friend

8) go to the beach

9) try spaghetti tacos

10) bake nutella cupcakes

11) make lemonade

12) do something I've never done before

13) draw on a pavement with chalk

14) movie marathon

15) finish a game of monopoly

16) re-build a friendship

17) write a summer song

18) watch a sunrise

19) watch a sunset

20) send a message in a bottle

21) water fight

22) watch a meteor shower on August 12th at 10:30

23) cook a full meal

24) release paper lanterns

25) buy white shoes and doodle on them

26) *yes day

27) pick a summer song and make a music video to it

28) roast marshmallows

29) silly string fight

30) learn latte art

31) try a new flavour of ice cream

32) get lost

33) make a summer collage

34) messy twister

As you can probably some of these aspirations are not very difficult but it's stuff that me and my friends would like to do with all of my friends. I hope some of my un-typicals take inspiration from this list xxx

* a yes day is a day where you have to say yes to everything within reason.  And a no tech day is no phones, tvs etc. Microwaves, watches, etc are allowed. Its more no tvs and no ipads xxx

Friday, 4 July 2014


Since tonights post is reasonably late (which I apologise for un-typicals) this is going to be brief  and just really going to see what I will be going over Sunday. Basically, there are 2 different clefs when reading music. Treble and bass. These are what music is read off. There are two because there are so many notes that they would not all fit on one stave (set of lines) I will basically just go over what they are and how they work. Hope you are all enjoying so far xxx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Basics

So un-typicals, I'm struggling to upload the image at the moment but basically, all musical notes range from A to G. There are obviously more than 7 musical notes. What happens the notes go around. We call these octaves. For example, most octaves start on the note C. Therefore the octave would go C D E F G A B. That is one complete octave as there are 7 notes in order. On my piano, there are 7 octaves. Which means there are 7 A's, 7 B's etc. eventually I will have an image here showing 2 octaves with the notes labelled. I hope this makes sense to anyone reading. If it doesn't, comment and I will try to explain in further detail. If it makes sense then I will explain more music tomorrow xxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I am planning on doing a few tutorials on how to read music for my next few posts starting tomorrow. For anyone who is interested. I have learnt from a lot of my friends that they wish they could read music but they can't. Starting tomorrow, I will show the basics and may progress to some of the harder things over the coming weeks. Watch this space un-typicals xxx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Being Yourself

As this is my first week I am posting everyday. I find it quite entertaining. As you can probably gather from the title, this post is about being yourself. Lots of people are afraid of being themselves in front of people, and that's understandable. However, I think I know how to dodge this.
The reason people are afraid of being themselves can be because people are afraid of how other people may react. The thing is, most people will not say anything to you, and if they do it is usually a compliment. The people who have nothing to say will look at you differently at first because they aren't used to seeing you this way, but they will learn to love the real you. So my un-typicals, sorry for the length but just take from this that yourself is better than anyone you could pretend to be.

Monday, 30 June 2014

The Beginning

So. Yesterday I wrote my first post. I'm not very familiar with blogging yet so I think I should probably tell you all what my blog is going to be about. In answer to that: a bit of a lot. A little about music, books, school, fashion. The thing is, I don't have a lot to say about one subject. I have little lots to say about a lot of different things. I will be jumping from topic to topic which i suppose is a good thing if that's what you like. I think music will probably be the main topic of my blog as music is something I know and have known since a reasonably young age. So enjoy un-typicals ;-) xxx
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Sunday, 29 June 2014

The First Post

This is my first post so hello to anyone reading this. I will now refer to you as the un-typicals as that is what my blog is about. Being different! A lot of my blog is going to be related to music as that is something I can talk about. I hope my blog entertains a few people. I am going to try to post on here once every week at least for anyone who is interested. Hopefully every weekend xxx