Not A Typical Teenager: 5 Inspirational Female Book Characters

Sunday, 27 July 2014

5 Inspirational Female Book Characters

Many people enjoy reading, and many of us do it from a young age. I read throughout primary school and I still read now. Over the years there have been many book characters that I have looked up to, as I'm sure many other women have. These are, I think, my favourites.

Clary Fray

The reason I love Clary is because she adapts well. She is thrown into an entirely new world and she adapts very quickly to her new surroundings and quickly meets interesting people and (sort of) makes some new friends. (Mortal Instruments series)

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is a good role model because, even though she kills a few people, she loves her family. That sounds really stupid. Clary loved her family to didn't she? Yes, Clary loved her mother. But Katniss works hard to hunt for food for her family. She practically looks after her sister for a period of time like her mother should. She cares so much about her family she volunteered for her sister in the Hunger Games! That girl cares. (Hunger Games Trilogy)

Tris Prior

Tris Prior is the first jumper. Very admirable. For all of you who have read/seen divergent, Tris goes from abnegation to dauntless. This is a massive jump between factions. Tris, being from abnegation, has been brought up to be selfless. She goes to dauntless, the most violent of the factions. I guess what I love about Tris is her up-for-anything attitude to life. She is just fantastic. (Divergent series)

Hazel Grace Lancaster

DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ/SEEN THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!! Hazel Grace. What can I say. I just love her. She is fab.  Hazel Grace falls in love with Augustus Waters. He is so kind and charming. *goes to sob quietly in corner*. Hazel lets Augustus help her live her life despite her illness. She even goes to Amsterdam with him!! Such a cute story, you know, until the feels kick in. (TFIOS)

Hermione Granger

I would say that, for me, Hermione is the most inspirational female character of them all. She is smart and a fighter. She taught that being smart is OK. and that it's a quality you can be proud of. She also taught that just because you are book smart does not mean that you cannot be a fighter. She is truly inspirational. I think that Emma Watson did a fantastic job portraying her.

There you are un-typicals. These are my top 5. who are yours? xxx
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