Not A Typical Teenager: The Basics

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Basics

So un-typicals, I'm struggling to upload the image at the moment but basically, all musical notes range from A to G. There are obviously more than 7 musical notes. What happens the notes go around. We call these octaves. For example, most octaves start on the note C. Therefore the octave would go C D E F G A B. That is one complete octave as there are 7 notes in order. On my piano, there are 7 octaves. Which means there are 7 A's, 7 B's etc. eventually I will have an image here showing 2 octaves with the notes labelled. I hope this makes sense to anyone reading. If it doesn't, comment and I will try to explain in further detail. If it makes sense then I will explain more music tomorrow xxx