Not A Typical Teenager: Music stereotyping

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Music stereotyping

As a teenager, there is lots of stereotyping done among different friendship groups about different things.  Music is definitely one of those things. People define who you are as a person just because of what you listen to. This is completely inaccurate, and here is why

1) 'Screamo' does not mean emo

I have heard many people say that music that involves screaming is emo music. For starters, emo is not a thing. Calling someone emo does not define who they are because no knows what it means. There is a general understanding but the word is interpreted in different ways. Secondly, some of the happiest people I know listen to this music and that bliws peoples minds. However, it is true.

2) 'Pop' is not a certain kind of music

Many people refuse to listen to music because it has been in the charts and is now classed as pop music. However, in 2013, fall out boy reached number 2 I the chart which means it is pop. (Pop is short for popular). Pop is not a type. It is chart music.

3) Respect other people

You might not like their music but you shouldn't tell them their music is bad. No music is bad, its just not your favorite kind. If they ask you to listen, be polite and try it. However, don't let them force their music upon you.

Overall, just be yourself and don't let others tell you what you listen to is bad
 That is just their opinion xxx