Not A Typical Teenager: 6 Reasons why 'Twilight' is not all good

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

6 Reasons why 'Twilight' is not all good


Recently, I read an article ( and it has totally changed my views on Twilight.
Here is a summary of why:

1) Bella starts as a selfless person

Bella leaves her mother and her step-father to live with her father so that her mother and step-father can have some space and she helps her father with chores.

2) Bella starts out as an independent young woman

She does her school work, makes some friends. Everything is going fine.

3) Then she meets Edward (this is where it goes downhill)

I always thought that this was a good thing as she had found found a romantic interest and he is desired by every girl in the school. This is a good thing right? WRONG!!!!! He follows her on trips with her friends and removes parts from her car so she cannot go and see Jacob. She becomes very dependant on him. She is part of an abusive relationship.

4) Then he leaves

In New Moon. Edward leaves Bella because he thinks he is bad for her. She struggles without him and does some pretty reckless stuff (e.g. ride motorbikes, cliff jump). Not good.

5) The pregnancy

After wrecking her independent life. Edward proceeds to impregnate Bella. The foetus almost kills her and during labour Edward injects her with venom. When she becomes a vampire she is no longer Bella, but a shell of her.

6) And the worst part? There are thousands of girls who love Edward

There are literally thousands of teenage girls who have fallen head over heels for Edward and his abusive behaviour because not many people realise how abusive it is. He ruins her life and many girls still love him

So thank you for changing my opinion. I hope this has changed yours un-typicals xxx