Not A Typical Teenager: Summer Bucket List

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Bucket List

So, basically, I read yesterday in the library about summer bucket lists and I have decided to do one for myself and my friends. This is what we came up with:

1) fly a kite

2) make crepes

3) go swimming

4) picnic

5) no technology day

6) tie-dye

7) make a new friend

8) go to the beach

9) try spaghetti tacos

10) bake nutella cupcakes

11) make lemonade

12) do something I've never done before

13) draw on a pavement with chalk

14) movie marathon

15) finish a game of monopoly

16) re-build a friendship

17) write a summer song

18) watch a sunrise

19) watch a sunset

20) send a message in a bottle

21) water fight

22) watch a meteor shower on August 12th at 10:30

23) cook a full meal

24) release paper lanterns

25) buy white shoes and doodle on them

26) *yes day

27) pick a summer song and make a music video to it

28) roast marshmallows

29) silly string fight

30) learn latte art

31) try a new flavour of ice cream

32) get lost

33) make a summer collage

34) messy twister

As you can probably some of these aspirations are not very difficult but it's stuff that me and my friends would like to do with all of my friends. I hope some of my un-typicals take inspiration from this list xxx

* a yes day is a day where you have to say yes to everything within reason.  And a no tech day is no phones, tvs etc. Microwaves, watches, etc are allowed. Its more no tvs and no ipads xxx