Not A Typical Teenager: Results

Thursday, 21 August 2014


So for many individuals, today is the day for results. GCSE results. Many would have awoken this morning dreading the journey to school and finding out how they had done in exams they had sat 3 months ago.

I was one of these individuals.

I stayed in bed for as long as I possibly could this morning before I knew I had to get up. My Facebook had been bombarded with good lucks and comments on how nervous people were for their results.

Now most people have had their results there are mixed feelings. People are either relieved or stressed for next year due to the fact that they will have to resit. there are ways to deal with bad results. and here's how:

Accept the results
You cannot blame the examiner for your result. You cannot say the examiner was to harsh because it changes nothing. the sooner you accept your results, the sooner you can prepare for next year.

Accept resits
If you have had results that you're not happy with, you will probably be considering the possibility of resits. Do not look at this as a bad thing. Look at it as a way to change what you have already done and change your grade. They are there to help you. To rescue you.

Finally, Enjoy the rest of your summer
Yes, bad results can be a downer, but there's still just over a week left of your holidays. So fit in as much relaxing as you possibly can before you have to knuckle down so you aren't in the same position next year.

I hope you have all had fantastic results, or results that you can be proud of. I am chuffed with my results and will be bouncing of the walls for the rest of the holidays. Stay un-typical and make sure to follow me on twitter @_Not_typical_ xxx