Not A Typical Teenager: Dismissal of Everything

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dismissal of Everything

As a teenager, I have kind of become used to being constantly dismissed. About a lot of things, but one thing has got to me recently.

So, I have a boyfriend. We haven't been together for absolutely ages. In fact, it's only now coming up to 3 months, but before we got together we were friends for about a year and a half. When we were just friends people would say "you can't be close friends with a boy. You may aswell get together.", and now that we have actually gotten together, people have been saying that it's "just young love" and that I should be preparing myself for my first heartbreak (mostly adults saying this)

I'm sorry, does my relationship bother you? Is it any of your business? No? Then it shouldn't matterto you. Just because we are young doesn't make this relationship any less serious than if we were 20 or 30 or 80. Being young doesn't change feelings. Saying that I'm to young to have a strong feeling is a ridiculous excuse. If I have the capacity to hate people, surely I have the capacity to love people too. Isn't love just the exact opposite of a feeling of hate. That's how it's always described to us as kids. That if you dislike someone enough you can call it a feeling of hate and if you like someone enough, you can call it a feeling of love.

Obviously I do believe that you can feel different kinds of love e.g. love for family, love for a friend and romantic love. These are all just different types of the same feeling and I am perfectly capable of feeling all of them.

I began going out with my boyfriend just under 3 months ago, and things are actually going really well. He's really sweet and cute. He is absolutely fantastic and we have been through a lot together (mostly before we started seeing). He is always there for me and we can have a laugh. Would I say this is love? Well, if normal teenagers can't feel love, then I'd say I'm not a typical teenager (please excuse the cheese).

Stay un-typical

Ashleigh xxx