Not A Typical Teenager: Dismissing Teenage Relationships

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Dismissing Teenage Relationships

So I did do a post on this recently called the "dismissal of everything", which wad talking about how people don't take teenage love seriously.

Well, since then, I have done some contemplation on this and spoken to a few of my friends about this particular topic and I think I have come to a conclusion as to why.

Teenagers are usually seen by older generations as reckless. As people who will do things without thinking about the consequences of their actions. I think this is true. I think teenagers are more willing to give themselves to something. To give their whole selves to something. I think adults are more cautious to throwing themselves into things and letting themselves fall for someone because they may have experienced heartbreak before. For A teenager who has never experienced heartbreak, it is very easy to fall for someone without having to feel scared of what could happen. Adults need to try and take these things seriously even if they dont think they are serious because otherwise the teen isn't going to speak them in fear of being laughed at or told to brush it off.

Even if all the right things are being said, the body language has to be right to, otherwise you can see right through it.

More than anything, I think if things eventually go wrong, adults need to treat it like a real issue, becauseto the teen it could be the biggest issue they have; and the last thing they need to hear is the 'I told you so'. They need support and comfort food and to talk to someone. Check out my all about me page if you want to discuss anything mentioned here.

Stay Un-Typical

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