Not A Typical Teenager: Money

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Being a teenager can be very difficult for numerous different reasons. One of which being that, as a teenager, we have lots and lots of time, but not enough money. I know that I get plenty of money. I get given £10 a week pocket money and then a bonus if I do well in school. Lots of  my friends get paid monthly. One of my friends gets £80 a month. A lot of money at this age. One of my friends only get £5 a week.

It's difficult if you have a lot of friends who go out a lot on the weekends or in the holidays and enjoy doing costly activities. Summer is possibly the worst. We get 6 weeks off, and we are out almost everyday spending money. I'm quite luck because my birthday is right before the summer holidays at the end of June. This means I have lots of money to spend over the holidays.

None of my friends have this luxury, as they many of them have birthdays in the winter months and have spent all of their birthday money by the summer, which means they have just their pocket money to spend on all of these activities.

So why don't we get jobs you ask? Well, I am the youngest of my group of friends which means most of my friends are old enough to get jobs and all have their national insurance numbers, but with all the exams on at the minute, none of us really have time to take on a job. We are all doing extra qualifications and extra GCSE's which means it's just not possible to have the time to work for our money.

The only solution to this really is for us to get jobs after all of our exams are over and work through the summer. This is beneficial in 2 ways: we'll all be earning money which means we'll have more to spend; and also, because we'll be working, we'll have less time to spend it, so we'll save more.

I guess we'll just have to cope.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

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