Not A Typical Teenager: The Science Behind Music

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Science Behind Music

Music is a massive part of my life (as you would have seen from my previous posts), and I take my music very seriously. I love making music and I like to listen to a lot of music, (although I am not a music snob). There have been studies to show that music is good for us in lots of different ways. It's pretty amazing.

- It has been shown that our music choices can predict our personalities
So I have posted about stereotyping before and said how you shouldn't judge what people are like by the music they listen to or the clothes that they wear. But, it turns out that we can predict what someone will be like just by the music they listen to.

This must be taken with a pinch of salt, as it was tested on a group of young adults. But it was quite successful.

-Learning a musical instrument makes it easier to pick up a second language
It improves the way that the mind breaks down the English language, and so it makes it eaier to pick up a second one.

Stay Un-Typical

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