Not A Typical Teenager: Pros and Cons Of Playing a Musical Instrument

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pros and Cons Of Playing a Musical Instrument

I've played an instrument for the last 8 years now pretty much, and I do absolutely love it. It is fantastic. But there are some downsides. Here is a pros and cons list of playing an instrument.

Pro - Orchestra
I have been going to orchestra pretty much since I started to play violin and it's awesome. It's being able to go somewhere where you have something in common with everyone. It's an outlet as well. You learn how to play things that are more technically challenged and you are exposed to different genres of music.

Con - Grades
You know like in school, where you have exams in everything because school. Well there are exam boards for instruments as well e.g. Trinity, ABRSM etc. and this means that you can take instrumental exams. Like every other exam it's a measurement of how good you are at playing that instruments. The grades go from 1 - 8, and guess what, you have to pay to do them. They start at about £26 for grade 1 up to roughly £80 for grade 8. That's a lot of money.

Pro - Reading music
Because what's not cool about being able to play a song exactly the same as someone else just by looking at a page of dots and lines.

Con - Time consuming
Learning how to play a musical instrument can take years to master and it takes a lot of time to learn the different techniques needed. It's worth it and it is enjoyable, but can become really frustrating when you cannot master some things. But, like in everything else in l
ife, it all comes down to practice.

Pro - Picking out your instrument in any song on the radio
I am a violinist and when clean bandit released the song "rather be" I was so excited as I love playing a piece which is designed for my instrument. Plus, everyone sort of learns what you can play on your instrument.

Con - Prices in general
lessons cost money. The instruments themselves cost money. Music is an expensive hobby.

Personally, I would say that the pros of playing an instrument are bigger than the cons, even though I have evenly represented them, if someone was to ask me whether or not I think they should play an instrument I would say yes, definitely. It's such a great opportunity to make new friends and learn a fantastic new skill.

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