Not A Typical Teenager: Self Harm Assembly

Monday, 9 March 2015

Self Harm Assembly

I asked my head teacher about having an assembly about self harm last October because I think that self harm is an important topic that is surrounded by a lot of stigma. The people came to talk to the girls first and they are coming to talk to the boys next week.

The assembly itself wasn't too bad. They told us about the warning signs and how people tend to start. They also told us what we can do if we are already self harming and how we can get out of the cycle.

I didn't ask for this assembly because I self harm. I never have self harmed, but I want to understand why people self harm, and I think the stigma that surrounds the subject stops individuals who do self harm from opening up to their friends in fear of being judged.

It's an important subject, and if this gets people talking about it, then it's done what I wanted it to do; but I hope that it's positive talk and not negative stuff.

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