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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Little Notes

I attempted to clear/tidy my room on the weekend, and found a bag filled with Christmas and birthday cards from last year. These were all cards I had already opened and had read what was inside, but I knew that I had to check the contents of each card just in case there was something in the that I missed.

So there I was, sat on my bedroom floor with a bag of cards and tears streaming down my face. At Christmas time I sent everyone a Christmas card, and everyone who received a Christmas card received a note about the length of a page for A4 for some. (It took me about 3 hours to write them all as I wrote notes for about 12 people). So as I was going through my cards, I found notes that had been given back. Notes people had written for me. 2 were from my birthday and 3 were from Christmas.

These notes made me quite emotional, and I realised that I have a fantastic group of friends who are all really lush, (please excuse my welsh vernacular).

And now today I have found a blog post by Katie who this to me last year. Please take a look and then tell Katie she is fab.

In other news, I found £65 in these cards I found on the weekend, and bought a new ukulele. Very very happy.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

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