Not A Typical Teenager: Helping People with Mental Health Issues

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Helping People with Mental Health Issues

Depression is a thing. Anxiety is a thing. Nowadays there are young people upon young people who have issues with their mental health; whether this is due to with pressures from school and exams or not is another subject for another day.

As someone who has never suffered with my mental health, I do find it difficult to wrap my head around sometimes. To figure out what it is that makes people feel the way that they do. There have been studies to suggest that it is because of 'sciencey' stuff like hormones or neurons which means that it is totally not the persons fault that they feel the way that they do.

It can get difficult when you talk to someone who has got mental health issues about their mental health issues. You would not believe the amount of times I have heard the phrase "You won't understand" when it comes to mental health. The thing is though, if you don't try to explain your mental health issues to someone you have told about it, they will develop their own stereotype and believe all of the stereotypes they have heard because you won't tell them otherwise.

The negative stigma around mental health issues is something that we can change; but we can only do so by explaining to people what it is. Saying that you have an issues is all well and good. But you can't expect a person who has never suffered with mental health issues to immediately understand all of your problems just from one word or the name of what it is you have been diagnosed with. It takes time and a lot of explanation.

Mental health issues have a very negative stigma around them, and we have the power to change the stereotypes about depression; about anxiety; and about other things that people connect with these words even though they aren't always related ; like self harm. We can change it. Together.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

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