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Monday, 6 July 2015

Internet Friends

I have been scrolling through a page on Facebook about Tumblr, and I found a picture which was talking about internet friends and people were basically saying that the don't like it when people say that people over the internet can't be your real friends because they have been there for them so many more times. Wiped their tears away so many more times.

I mean, we have all had the talk about internet safety and things, but I think it is safe to say that we have all made friends over the internet, and mainly in a positive way. This is a good thing because it allows you to learn things about other cultures and how other people all around the world live.

On the other hand, this post did make me feel pretty upset. It seems quite sad that people feel they can only talk to people on the other end of screens rather than people who they can talk to face to face. I personally find it difficult to talk to people over phone/message about serious things or  issues within my life, because all I want more than anything is a cwtch* (*this is a welsh kind of slang word. It means hug, but a cwtch is more meaningful and snuggily). It's nice to have the emotional support as well as the physical gestures you can make to someone who is sad. You can offer them a cookie, a gentle touch of the arm to let them know you are there for them, or a really big cwtch.

I guess more than anything, if you have internet friends you can talk to then that is fantastic; especially if you feel you can talk to them about your issues and times of crisis. But if you don't have someone you can talk to about these issues in person with; try and find someone who can. It may take a while and you may struggle, but give it a chance.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

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