Not A Typical Teenager: The Mortal Instrument Vs The Infernal Devices

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Mortal Instrument Vs The Infernal Devices

Both The Mortal Instruments, (TMI), and The Infernal Devices (TID), were written by Cassandra Clare. Both of the series' are fantastic, with TID, a series of 3 books, taking place before TMI, a series of 6. If you haven't read these books I highly recommend them, and they can be purchased Here for the first TID book (Clockwork Angel) and Here for the first TMI book (City of Bones). (If you are planning on reading them I suggest you read this afterwards as it may contain some spoilers).

On the left is the TID series. On the right is the first 3 of the TMI series 

General Plot line (Won't be in extreme detail as there is so so much to say about them).

TMI - The way that Clary ends up with Jace and his identity crisis due to the amount of last names he has throughout the books is really good. I love the way that Sebastian/Johnathan  evolves as a character from an ally to an enemy. I also think it was fantastic to have Alec and Magnus end up together as I felt that Alec broke out of a stereotype as a strong male warrior and I think that that was the intention of Alec having a relationship with Magnus. The way that family is portrayed in this novel is also something that could be discussed and really does follow the saying 'the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.'

TID -  Loved that these books were set in England and Wales! Thank you so much Cassie, for remembering that Wales exists! For that I am so truly grateful. The fact that Tessa came from America was good as she was just as naive as the reader. The love triangle keeps it all interesting and the way the love triangle resolves itself is perfect. The way that Tessa kills Mortmain is also really creative and I did not see it coming at all. I liked the way that everyone was so young as it really showed how mature and responsible people can be even though they are young.

Best Book of the Series (Obviously this is opinion).

TMI - For me, I think it has to be City of Glass, (which was the third book). I felt that there were a lot of twists in this book that I did not see coming and I felt that the end of the book was so perfect that Cassandra could have left it there and just ended the series there. The way the next books progressed was a massive surprise but City of Glass is my favourite out of the series.

TID - I think my favourite book from this series is Clockwork Princess. I loved the way everything resolved itself. I thought the final battle was incredible, and the book was generally a very good book, especially when on a 4 hour flight. I cried at the end. I was quite literally weeping. I didn't want to see Will die. It was so sad and then Jem swept in with his violin and there were just too many feels.

Will Herondale or Jace Herondale

For me this is the biggest question. I read TMI first and so for a long time, Jace was my favourite fictional love interest. However, I must admit that I preferred Will. I can understand that Jace had been taught not to love and such, but he moved to the institute when he was about 10, and we meet him when he is 17, which means that he has been shown love and could possibly have learned how to love within these 7 years. I have realised since reading TID that I saw how he treated Clary and didn't really pay much attention to how arrogant he was, and I think that would annoy me. Will, however, has valid reason to be horrible for everyone. Will shows his love by being horrible. So (sorry Jace), Will is may favourite Herondale so far (just in case Cassandra whips up another book.

I think that both books have their own strong points, and it is hard to pick a favourite. But as I do love the historical London location and the entire plot of TID, I think I would have to say that it is my favourite series, but TMI is definitely a close second.

Stay Un-Typical

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