Not A Typical Teenager: 7 Top tips for creating a CV

Sunday, 2 August 2015

7 Top tips for creating a CV

Handing a CV in to a company is daunting regardless of what age you are, and in school's they don't really teach us how to do it any more. I had no idea what to do when I wrote my CV, but now that I have done so and handed a few in, here are a few tips has to how to write your CV:

1) Make sure you put down contact details
It is useless handing a CV into anywhere if you don't put on your contact details because you want people to get in touch, and there may be some companies who want to get in touch with you, and so it is paramount that you have contact details on your CV.

2) Make an appropriate email
When MSN was rife back in the day, we all had a Hotmail which was probably something ridiculous like "rokergirl" or "pixiechik". That's really not an email you want to present to a possible employer. Create a more appropriate email for you CV, one with your name in possibly.

3) Keep it to a page
It's easy to ramble on about yourself, but most shops get roughly 200 CV's handed in a week, and so yours really needs to stand out in the crowd. Having a short CV which gets to the point will stand out - and save on printing costs.

4) Do not overuse bullet points
The idea of bullet points is that they jump out at you, so when you use them for everything on a page, it makes them pointless. Use them for the most important things. Otherwise you can use a '-' or a paragraph (keep paragraphs to about 4 lines.

5) Tailor them to the place your going
Don't just make a basic CV and hand the same one out everywhere. If your going to a shop that sells clothes, mention that you have an interest in fashion. Little tweaks like this *may* make a difference

6) Proof read
Not just once, but until you can remember it backwards. You need to make sure that there are absolutely no spelling , punctuation or grammar mistakes whatsoever. There are so many CV's being handed into these places that one mistake will mean that you're disregarded. If you don't know whether that big word you used is being used in the right context, replace it with a word you know. It's better to be right than to be unsure.

7) Download an online template
It's pretty difficult to make a CV from scratch, so just download a basic template and personalize it. Add a little personality with your words. Don't go adding flower borders or word art, but make it your own

Hope these help, and good luck. Let me know if you have any extra tips in the comments.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

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