Not A Typical Teenager: Are Soul Mates Real?

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Are Soul Mates Real?

A soul mate is the idea that there is one perfect person in this world for everyone, and that we spend our lives trying to find them.

Me, my boyfriend and another one of my best friends were walking around talking about this and we came to this conclusion;

Chances are that you are romantically compatible with more than one person on this earth (although there will be varying degrees of compatibility). Now, there is a total of 7.2 billion people on this earth (roughly), and the average person is probably compatible with 50 million of them. (please do not take these statistics as fact, we were just looking at possibilities). This means that the average person would be compatible with 1 in every 144 people they meet.

However, there will be language barriers. only about 2 billion people speak English as a first or second language, so if we take that figure into account, it means that only 27.8% of the original 50 million you would really have a chance with, as unless you are willing to learn more languages, that would be the number of people you could communicate with verbally.

That takes the figure of 50 million down to 13.9 million. This sounds like a lot of people but it means that only 1 out of every 518 people is someone you are romantically compatible with. This, again, doesn't sound too bad, but you have to get to know someone before you can find out if you work together, and this takes time, and we don't all have the time to get to know 518 people to the point where we can make a full decision.

So do soul mates exist? I don't know, but what do you think? Do you think there is one perfect person for everyone? Or do you think there are more? What do you think of the statistics I have fabricated (although they seem pretty realistic to me)? Have you found your soul mate? Let me know in the comments

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