Not A Typical Teenager: Dear A Level Student

Monday, 17 August 2015

Dear A Level Student

I am a GCSE pupil, who is receiving her results this Thursday and will be starting year 12 in September.

This August, I have heard so much from A Level students about how difficult next year is going to be. About how my options are going to be difficult and I'm going to cry a lot due to the amount of stress I am under

I get that if you have had a difficult experience that you may want to share this and advise against me doing these A Levels. I get that.

What I don't get is why you are belittling my results for GCSE. There have been numerous tweets on Twitter saying "GCSE students worrying about their results when you can get a B with no revision." All of these kinds of tweets come from the people who have done their A Levels. I understand that they are more difficult, but please stop belittling what I am going through to make yourself feel better about failing your A Levels.

Stay Un-typical

Ashleigh xxx

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