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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Samsung or iPhone

Samsung or iPhone. iPhone or Samsung. Me and my friends have had many conversations about which is better for what you want out of a phone. I am a strong fighter for Samsung as I really love the layout, but I am going to compare the two.

iPhone's have become more and more common over the last few years, and I would say that they are now the most popular phone you can buy. It has a good layout and are all incredible phones. The app store is easy to work and the internet connection on them is really good. The reason I haven't converted to iPhone is because the battery life in them seems to decrease a lot more rapidly than that of the Samsung. iMessage is a fantastic idea. The emoji's are also really cool

The app store on Samsung I find is a bit more difficult to use, although I find that there are more apps on the Samsung. I also like that you can still Bluetooth music from phone to phone with ease. You can use Bluetooth from Samsung to any other phone apart from the iPhone's. There are now emoji's on the newer Samsung's, but iPhone did have them first.

The issues I take with both of these companies is that the advancements of the phones between 5 and 6 is minimal. They are just more expensive with no real leap in technology. All we can do is hope for more in the future.

What are your opinions? Do you prefer iPhone or Samsung? Why?

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  1. I prefer iPhone, just because I think it is more functional, and easy to use.
    I agree with you about the advancements between the fifth models and the sixth models. There aren't really many differences between them.