Not A Typical Teenager: 15 Awesome Presents for Christmas!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

15 Awesome Presents for Christmas!

Christmas is still a while off yet, but I know that pretty soon, parents all over the place will be nagging their children for a list of what it is they would like for Christmas. I know that I find it pretty difficult to decide what I want for Christmas because I can't think what it is that I want on the spot, and my mother ends up trying to find things that I want.

So I have decided this year, I am going to fashion a list of things that could be given as gifts. Things you can give to other people or put on your own list. I'll leave links next to the items as I believe that many people won't know what certain things are. All links will take you to amazon. Also, there will be a mix of presents for both genders. Here we go:

1)  Doodle duvet - I had one of these last Christmas and they are fantastic. As a GCSE student, I used it for both doodling on, and for revision purposes

2) Doodle Pillowcase - To go with your doodle duvet ;-)

3) A Ukulele - Any instrument will suffice. Something that could become a hobby. Cheaper ukuleles can be bought, this is the uke I bought to start with

4) Animal Crossing - If you are buying for a sibling, and they own a DS, this game is fantastic. I spent so long on it as a child and I still want the new one. Get either animal crossing wild world or new leaf.

5) Earphones - I can guarantee that if someone has one set of working earphones, they won't turn down the extra pair.

6) Music Pillow - I think this is a fantastic gift. It basically allows you to plug your phone into your pillow using a USB cable and listen to music through the pillow. |It's a really cool gift.

7) A Doodle Alarm Clock - Most teens nowadays use their phone as an alarm clock, but an alarm clock would be used if bought, and this one is just a bit more special.

8) Tech Touch Gloves - Gloves that have special fingertips which allow you to use you phone with the gloves still on.

9) Nail art pens - Basically nail polishes with thin brushes so that you can do your own nail art.

10) A Shower Speaker - Because who doesn't love a bit of music in the shower. I haven't got one of these myself so I don't know how good quality they are, but the concept sounds good.

11) A Smart Phone Projector - Again, I don't own one, but the idea is fantastic.

12) A Bubble Wrap Costume - Okay, so maybe they'll role around in it once and that's all, but it'll be so much fun!

13) A Ripstik - It's like a skateboard, but it has 2 wheels. It's a lot of fun to ride, and will get you out of the house, because it does take a while to learn, I have a classic style one that I love. Definitely recommend that you buy one made buy razor as the quality is fantastic. (possibly a different colour to the one linked).

14) Cards Against Humanity - **WARNING - SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND THIS GAME EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE** I have played this game a few times and it can be a hilarious game, To the point where people are crying with laughter. not to everyone's taste.

15) Monopoly - I someone does not own monopoly, or have it in their household, then get it, because it's a game that everyone needs to win and lose at least once in their life.

So, this may not have been a long list but they are some ideas from a teenager as to what you can buy for a teenager for Christmas or a birthday. Have you got any of the items in the list? Do you have anything to add to the list. If so, let me know in the comments.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

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