Not A Typical Teenager: Wishes

Sunday, 20 September 2015


When we are young, we wish upon everything we possibly can. We throw pennies down wishing wells with our eyes squeezed tightly shut. We wish upon eyelashes that fall from our eyelids. We will even say that passing planes are shooting stars so that we can make just one more wish.

So what stops us from wishing as we grow older? Why do we stop believing that our wishes cannot be granted? I don't think it's that we stop wishing completely, I think it's just after having made so many wishes and not having them come true, we lose faith.

I think that making wishes upon these things is a good thing. I find that it helps me realise what I really want. What is out of my hands and what I have the power to change.

So keep making wishes on everything hat you've ever wished on. They may not grant your wishes, but perhaps they will help you realise that you don't need a star to make a wish; you just have to try yourself.

Stay Un-typical

Ashleigh xxx

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