Not A Typical Teenager: Are Stereotypes Important In Todays Society?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Are Stereotypes Important In Todays Society?

We all stereotype. Regardless of what you say, you stereotype. Pretty much everyone we meet we put into a catergory in our minds. We cannot help it and we all do it.

I was thinking about this the other day. Me and my friends do not fit in at all, and I have always said that I do not stereotype because I have been stereotyped and do not fit in because of it, but I hadn't really taken much notice of the fact that I had done exactly the same to the people who had isolated me. Disregarded me.

If I was to mention the 'IT' crowd, you immediately have an image in your head of who you picture within that crowd, and possibly feel like from that simple phrase, we know what they like to do and we feel that we know aa lot about them becasue of the catergory we have placed them under.

We like to have a tidy mind and we automatically make assumptions about someone so that we can fit them into a tidy little place in our mind and move on.

Will we ever stop using stereotypes? No, probably not. not now, not ever. They play a huge role in most teen films about high school which means that we will probably never be fully rid of them. Not aslong as people continue watching mean girls.

Antoher issue is that stereotypes are kind of pushed upon us from a very young age. If you have ever watched a Disney or Nickelodeon, you'll know that stereotypes play a part in some of the stroylines. Even more so in recent years. We all know that Zack was a 'rebel' and that Cody was a 'nerd'.

Although I do think that these programmes do sort of help the issue. The characters are relatable and you can identify with them and the stereotype that they fit in to. I suppose people will have different opinions as to whether or not this is good or bad depending on whether or not there was a character who you could relate to.

What do you think? Do you think that stereotypes are necessary? Do you think we could ever get rid of them? Let me know in the commments.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

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