Not A Typical Teenager: Views of A Level After 7 Weeks

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Views of A Level After 7 Weeks

Okay, I did I post not so long ago about what I thought A Level was going to be like (you can view that here), and I said at the end of this post that I was going to do another post about A Levels after I had been in year 12 for a few weeks. I will probably do this as a series, so this probably won't be my last post on this topic, but I just want to let you know how I'm finding it so far and what you can expect if you go up into year 12 next year.

For those of you don't know, I took Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science. Further maths usually counts as 2 options, but I only took it in one so I'll end the 2 years with 2 A levels in maths but it only takes up one option

1) The workload does go up
I do get a lot more work to do in lessons now, but I also get a lot more homework now than I did last year, but I'm only doing 3 subjects this year instead of 11.

2) You'll get frees
As I took three subjects (and I have to do the compulsory welsh bacc - ugh!) I get 9 frees a week, which mean that I have time to do the homework for all of my subjects in school and have free time after school.

3) Teachers will be on your back
 I have had tests in each of my subjects after just 7 weeks. That's not really that long, and I've had a few tests, just so that teachers know where I am and where I need to improve.

4) For me, I don't think things are really that much more difficult
I'd say the subject that has had the biggest jump in difficulty has been maths. Things are moving incredibly quickly and some are finding the pace difficult to keep up with.

I think, for now, that's all I have to say, but hopefully I can bring you another post like this at Christmas. What do you expect from sixth form? How did you find sixth form? Do you agree with the points I've made? Let me know in the comments.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

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