Not A Typical Teenager: January 2016

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Moving Forward

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If you have visited my blog before, then you may have noticed that today it looks a little different. This is because today, I was going to change my blog completely. New name, new layout, everything. I was going to renew it. However, I changed my mind shortly after for a few reasons.

I feel like my blog background is pretty childish and my blog layout is quite boring. But it's mine. I am not yet ready to move away from this childish name or background because it has been something that I have loved. Just because it's childish doesn't mean I need to change it.

A fancy new layout isn't going to change everything about my blog. For me, it's always been more about the content I post and not the way that it looks. Perhaps some time in the near future I will change the way my blog looks. Maybe I'll change the name as well. I mean, I'm not going to be a teenager forever.

I love this little space on the internet. I love being able to write what I want and make it look how I want. I think it's really cool and it's mine. So for now, I'll stick to my nerdy childish little background and continue to write about the same things in the same way, because that's what makes me happy.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx

Sunday, 17 January 2016

University Fears

I am 16. I haven't even started to apply to university yet. I still have a year and 8 months before everyone starts to leave. I haven't even decided yet if I want to go, and yet I bury my head in the sand about it. I'm sort of dreading the entire experience.

It's an exciting time; deciding what you want to do after A levels. I could literally do anything, (within reason). I could go and travel, I could take a gap year and sleep for an entire year. I could get an apprenticeship, a job. The world is my oyster.

But at the same time it's really frightening.
I read a book recently called 'Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between', by Jennifer E. Smith. It's set over about 12-24 hours, and it's the last night a girl spends in her home town with her friends who haven't yet left for uni before she herself leaves for uni. It's an amazing book that is really well written. But it made me really sad. It made me think about how quickly the time between now and then will fly by.

It's not so much the experience that makes me anxious. It's leaving everyone behind. Leaving my family behind will be a task if I do decide to go to uni, but it will be okay. The difference between friends and family is that my parents will be there for me when I get back. I can come back home to everything being similar to the way it was when I left (hopefully).

However, even if I don't go to university, my friends will.

They will come home with tales of new friends and their fantastic new experiences that I am not a part of. At the moment, I want to do an apprenticeship, and this is going to make it more difficult I think. I will have new experiences with new friends, but not in the same way. I probably won't be living away from home. I fear I will have to watch all of my friends return home with new best friends. I fear I will have to watch my current boyfriend return home with his shinier, prettier, newer girlfriend. I fear that they will all forget me; and it scares the crap out of me.

I feel like I am over reacting majorly. Not everyone is going to forget I exist, and return home without wanting to speak to me because I've been long forgotten. That's just how I'm feeling at the minute, and maybe it's all just a ridiculous feeling. Or maybe I should just bury my head in the sand.

What do you think? Did this happen to you when you went to university? Do you have the same fears as me when it comes to university? Let me know in the comments, and feel free to email  me:

Stay Un-typical

Ashleigh xxx

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Views of A-Levels after 15 weeks / A Tevel Tips

I did a post similar to this during October half term (click here for that), and this is just an update to that really. Some of my points will possibly be repeated, but this is my new updated list of both views about a levels and tips to help you

Teachers do still care
The teachers don't really care whether you do your homework anymore. They really aren't that bothered. They won't go over things that your struggling with because you did badly in your homework. You have to pursue your teacher to get any help, otherwise they think your doing fine and won't bother helping you at all. They care about helping if you care about passing.

Use your frees wisely
If  you use your frees you can help yourself tremendously. Getting homework done, doing some revision. It all adds up and it will help you in the long run. Hopefully it will help you to do better in your subjects.

Make extra notes
I don't know about wordy subjects, but in my subjects, (further maths, physics and computing), taking extra notes can be really helpful and can give you some advantages in exams and such. It may mean that you know how to answer a question that others may not know the answer to. Make notes of what the teacher says during explanation. Not just what the tell you to write.

Make time to do nothing
Over Christmas, I did 0 hours of work. I did no homework, no revision, I just sat and binge watched Grey's anatomy for 2 weeks solid, (as well as seeing family, celebrating Christmas, etc). This was probably the best thing I could have done. I went back to school on Tuesday and over the last 5 days, I have done 12 hours of work in my free time. It has made me a lot more productive.

I think that's all I have to add, but please be sure to add any tips in the comments and ask any questions. If you see a question you can answer, feel free to add your own perspective.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx