Not A Typical Teenager: I Want to Help

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I Want to Help

I know I don't understand. I know I probably won't understand and talking to me will be useless if you need someone to relate to because I will not relate.

But I want to help.

I will listen, and if you ask for my advice, I will give it to you. My advice might be useless, but you asked for it, and even if it is:

I still want to help.

We might have been down a similar road of struggle before, and you might worry that it'll scare me away, but trust me:

I still want to help, and you won't scare me way that easily.

Perhaps you don't need someone to talk to about your issues. Perhaps you just need a distraction from what your feeling, someone to take your mind off it. If that is the case:

I can help. Please let me.

Perhaps you need none of these, and I have caught the completely wrong end of the stick. Perhaps there is nothing I can do to help, but trust me:

I am here if you need me or want me. I'm not going anywhere.

Stay un-typical

Ashleigh xxx

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