Not A Typical Teenager: What I Thought Of Kaspa's

Sunday, 10 July 2016

What I Thought Of Kaspa's

Recently I went to Kaspa's with my family. If you've never  heard of Kaspa's; it' basically a restaurant dedicated to just deserts. We took a drive to the one nearest to us in Cardiff and gave it a try.

I think it's important to note hear that me, nor my parents or youngest sister have a very strong sweet tooth. However, my other younger sister has a very sweet tooth and would eat sweets all day if she could.

So, my parents and middle sister shared two waffles between them. The one waffle  was a chocolate brownie waffle (top), and the other was a caramel shortcake waffle (bottom). The waffles can be seen on the right (that's right, I took my own pictures)!

Between the 3 of them I think they finished one and a half of the waffles, which isn't bad. My sister has a stronger sweet tooth, so I think she ate more than both my parents combined. The waffles were really good but for us there was a lot of them. I think if we were to go again we wouldn't eat before because the portions were just so big. The caramel waffle was £5.95 and the brownie waffle was £6.95. The price kind of makes sense when you see how large the portion sizes are.

I personally wasn't really fancying a waffle or a crepe on this particular day, but I do enjoy a cheeky milkshake regardless of how I'm feeling; so I ordered an after eight milkshake which was absolutely stunning. I would definitely have one again, but I probably would have to share one this time as the portion size was aa little big for me. On the right is a picture with a very happy Ashleigh and a huge milkshake! It was really nice and creamy and thick. I could tell they had used quite a bit of after eight inside it because the minty taste was strong. I only managed to gt about halfway through it though, which isn't so bad, but I would have liked a smaller portion. The milkshake cost £3.95 and it was a regular milkshake; which is the smallest size they do!

Overall, I really enjoyed the visit to Kaspa's but here are the main things I would like to see the next time I go there, and also the tings I liked the most:

  • The display of the deserts was amazing. I wish I'd taken a photo but it looked so cool to see all of these different coloured ice creams and deserts
  • An option to have a smaller size desert so there isn't as much waste.
  • There are so many good desserts on the menu that I would like to try; so maybe a taster plate where you can try a few deserts on one plate. Like maybe 1 quarter of 4 different waffles? I just think it would be cool to try smaller portions of more deserts.
Have you been to Kaspa's? What did you think? Would you consider going after reading this post? Do you disagree with a mint and milk combination? Let me know in the comments.

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx


  1. The waffles sound amazing! I could probably eat a whole one myself aha, I just love waffles xx

    1. They were really nice waffles ngl !!xx

  2. I've never heard of Kaspa's, but now I'm dying to go! Those waffles and milkshakes look delicious.