Not A Typical Teenager: Overcoming Fears

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Overcoming Fears

I spoke in a post a while back now, about fears and what my fear was. I said that my fear was sleeping out. I really didn't like it and, admittedly, I still don't.
Last summer, I went sleeping out more and more with lots of different projects. I went to a festival and I slept okay. I also slept inside and had a good time.
However, in April, I did my silver dofe expedition. After my practice in March where I nearly froze in the tent, I was petrified of doing my qualified because of this.
I worked myself up so much and I got so so nervous. I cried so much the week leading up to it, and it didn't make things any better.
I did finish my silver dofe, but of the 55 hours I was away for, I probably cried for 40 hours.
What I'm trying to say is that I faced my fear, and even though it scared me and upset me, I still did it.
Stay Un-typical
Ashleigh xxx

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  1. Facing your fears happens in small steps so it still is amazing that you completed the night xx