Not A Typical Teenager: I Took All Of The Wrong A Levels

Sunday, 27 November 2016

I Took All Of The Wrong A Levels

I am applying to uni and I have realized something recently which has thrown my plans off all together.
I want to be a writer.
I thoroughly enjoy maths and physics and I like numbers, but I love writing. I love writing blog posts and giving my opinion and interacting with people who have read my words. I love inspiring discussion and encouraging people. The thing is, I have taken all of the wrong subjects to do this. People who want writers will want people who have studied writing and who have taken English at A level and now I don’t know what to do.
I know that some of the people who know me won’t take me seriously because what I want to do has changed so often in the past. This is different because I have been writing openly for the past 2 and a half years and I still to it. This is something I still enjoy and I still want to do, I just never envisioned it as a career prospect. I didn’t think it was possible for me to write for a living and I didn’t want to fail. I still don’t want to fail, but it’s better that I fail at something I really want to do rather than something I kind of have an interest in.
My next obstacle is; where do I go next? Where do I look for opportunities? I honestly don’t have a clue. My main aim is to keep blogging and to keep working hard at writing on my blog and promoting it. I want to try and create more, and vary my writing a little more. I need to make goals and set aims with regards to post length and quality, taking my own photos and attracting more viewers. More than anything, I want to make sure that writing doesn’t turn into something I don’t enjoy anymore.
I am going to keep writing about the things I want to write about and I am going to finish my a levels and I’m going to apply for opportunities and internships and apprenticeships for anything and everything that interests me. I don’t care where they are. If, after I have to complete my a levels, I have to move to the middle of nowhere just for the opportunity to write, then I will, and I will have some amazing adventures. I am going to chase this, and hopefully I will get to reap the rewards.
My biggest fear is that I have realised this too late and that no one will take a second look at me because I haven’t taken anything relevant to writing for the last 2 years in school. This doesn’t mean I have stopped learning, but it means I have an English GCSE, but no a level. I suppose I have to cross the bridge when I get to it and see what happens.
Thank you for reading my post. Have any of you had this issue? Do you know what you want to do yet? What are your worries? Do you have any suggestions for me and where I should be looking? Let me know in the comments.
Stay Un-Typical
Ashleigh xxx



    1. Thank you. I'll have a nose at this 😊