Not A Typical Teenager: I Am Scientific And I Am Arty

Sunday, 4 December 2016

I Am Scientific And I Am Arty

I am a scientific person. I have taken Maths, Further Maths and Physics for A level.
I am also a creative person. I write a blog, I write songs and I play numerous instruments.
So why is it that there is still the need for the distinction for the type of person you are? In school, we are separated into sciences and humanities. The people who have taken the sciences are taken more seriously. Talks are planned for them in regards to their future careers, applications are sent off earlier than those who took humanities to show that you are committed to the subject. If you are someone who is able minded in science and humanities, you are encouraged to do the sciences because these are more “valued”.
This is strange because the humanities are important to, but we are asked to identify as either good at science or the humanities; and the people who pick the humanities draw the short straw.
And then we have the people who are artistic or musical, who are disregarded even further. They are told that only a select few get to break into that field and that it is unlikely that you will be one of them. You will have to adapt what you love to suit the needs of the jobs available.
Science and maths also get more funding than any other subjects, while the arts and humanities are still funded, they don’t get as much.
Yes, we need more scientists and engineers to solve global warming and the energy crisis, but we also need geographers to help us deal with over population; historians, to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes as our ancestors, journalists to help document everything so that we all know what’s going on. We need all of the subjects.
I am a scientific person, but I am also a creative person. The one I identify as more changes depending on who I am with.
In school, I am a scientific person so that I will be taken seriously and helped with my applications.
On my blog, I am a creative person writing about my life and starting discussions.
In my youth club, I am creative person who writes their own songs and loves music.
According to my university application, I am a scientific person who has a passion for numbers
I am all of these people, I am creative and scientific and I love helping people; and I want to change the world.
Stay Un-Typical
Ashleigh xxx

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