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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Audiopi: The Ultimate Study Tip

I am always looking for ways to improve my study methods. I'm lazy, and so I want the easiest ways to revise, but also the most effective. I don't want to give up my social life but I also want to get the best grades I possibly can. I've tried lots of different method and there are some I like more than others. For example, flash cards I find great because they are portable and you can stick them around your room so your constantly looking.

I came across an opportunity to review a website and when I found out what this website did, I knew that I would be a great fit. This website is designed for students studying either a level or GCSE and it has designed podcasts for different subjects. You an pay £5 a month for every single tutorial across the site, or, you can pay a one time fee £14.99 for 1 whole module (for example, you could pay £14.99 for the whole Early Tudors for History A Level. There are so far only 5 subjects on there: English Language; English Literature; History; Biology and Physics. They are tailor made for different exam boards as well. From AQA to Edexcel, they are made from a variety of lecturers and examiners from the different exam boards.

I only listened the the physics modules, because I have a lot more knowledge about what is on a physics paper (and I understand a MOST of what I did for the first paper now). I tried making my own recordings of me speaking the notes, but that didn't help me, so it was quite interesting for me to try podcasts made by other people.

These podcasts are great. I really like the way they are laid out and the way that they talk about common mistakes made in exams. The physics ones were about 10 minutes each (roughly), and they are really great for on the go. I can listen to podcast while walking up to town to meet up with my friends, or on the bus to or from school. It just helps me solidify my understanding.

Issues with this are basically the limit to subjects and the fact that it is still a start up. I would love to see some Geography tutorials or some PE theory tutorials. I hope that this audiopi does decide to bring some of these to the site. I also think that we need more tutorials, as for Physics, at the moment, you can only access (for a level at least), tutorial for unit one for the CIE exam board. There are more to come for other exam boards and for more units for CIE, but I feel that for me, they'll come too late. I'm sitting the second year of my a levels and so by the time all of these tutorials go up, I think I'll have finished my exams.

Would I pay £5 a month for this? If I was a first year student at A level, then yes I would, because there are tutorials there that I would have benefited a lot from last year and so I think it would have been very good for me and my revision. This year, no I wouldn't pay the £5 a month yet because there aren't enough tutorials for me to use for A2, or my exam board. Although when they arrive I will most certainly be using them.

If you're interested, make sure to go to and let me know how you get on in the comments. Also share some of your best study tips in the comments and I'll use them to pass my a levels.

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