Not A Typical Teenager: F.A.Q


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your blog about?
Mostly music or lifestyle. What it's like being a teenager in the times with social media and unbelievable amounts of pressure from schools.

What made you start this blog?
A couple of my friends had blogs and I guess to start I was just following the crowd, but then it became something I wanted to do. I wanted to talk about things that mattered to me and I didn't want to be a beauty blogger because I know as much about beauty as Kermit the frog knows about Quantum Mechanics (I'm ssuming anyway, he could be a really smart frog)!

What did you take for GCSE?
Geography, Music and French

How long have you been blogging?
Since June 26th 2014

What quote to you live by?
Don't follow your dreams; chase them!

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